Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip Report - France - September 30th: Cassis

Cassis harbor
View seaward from the Calanque
In the morning our intrepid bus driver, Nick, drove us to the coastal village of Cassis. We took a tourist trolley down to the docks, and boarded a small boat for a tour of some of the calanques, or deep narrow bays, (think fijords) near there.

Cheese from Chez Thierry
Afterwards we had free time to explore the small town and the shops and stalls. Our guide  told us that tonight's meal is not included, so we bought some cheese.

Tourists on the scenic crest
View of Cassis from the crest
Afterwards we had lunch at a restaurant called "Large Grand" with a great view of the bay, then back to the hotel by another route for more spectacular vistas.

Back in town we explored a neighborhood near the hotel and bought some bread, wine, chocolate and yogurt to complete dinner. This was our last night in Aix-en-Provence.

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