Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip Report: France 2011, September 27th to 28th

After a leisurely drive to Los Angeles, we left our car at a "Park and Fly" hotel and took their shuttle to LAX. In the afternoon we boarded Air France for a non-stop flight to Paris. I amused myself watching videos on the seat-back entertainment system, and later tried to sleep as we flew and flew and flew.......

The next day we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, where we were to transfer to another flight to Marseille to join the Road Scholar (Elderhostel) group. Unfortunately my husband had lost our tickets and travel documents at some point and we went everywhere in the terminal looking for them. Finally we were told to "Go to the Lost and Found." The Lost and Found was at the other end of the airport. The Lost and Found had gone to lunch by the time we got there, and when they came back they told us it was "too early".   We went back to the Air France ticket desk in the public area and were given duplicate tickets and told that we might be able to get on the  original flight if we hurried. Unfortunately, we were held up going through security and the plane left without us. We went back to the Air France booth in the passenger area and, while we were getting tickets for the next flight, found that the documents had been located. Apparently they had been paging us, but we had been at the other end of the airport waiting for the Lost and Found to open.

While we were waiting for the next flight I called the hotel to leave a message for the group leader explaining what had happened.  She never got the message, but luckily two other members of the group had arrived late because of a delayed flight and we were able to share a cab to Aix-en-Provence with them.

After checking into the hotel we joined the group for orientation and introductions. We were already famous - "Oh, you're the couple that lost all your documents."

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  1. Stephanie:

    This is a very helpful post, expanding on the RoadScholar description. Could you provide some guidance on how much of a challenge this program would be for someone with a knee problem. Walks of greater that 1.5 miles at a time could be painful. Are there many of those on this trip?