Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip Report - France 2011 - October 8th: Paris

tThis was our last full day of the tour with the Road Scholar group. In the morning we took a bus to the old part of Paris area where a guide, Brad, showed us some of the sights. I especially liked the visit to Notre Dame, because some deacons were being ordained, and the church was full of ceremony and music.

If you don't have a clear view, there is video...

Fishing and some kind of martial arts...
A pan-handler and her dog and puppies.
Another interesting stop was a bridge covered with "love locks" and "love knots".
A "love-lock"

If you don't have a lock, use a rag or bag...

After the tour we had the option to return to the hotel by bus, or  to go back on our own. We chose to walk back to the hotel. stopping for a snack, window-shopping, and sightseeing.

The last group activity was a ride through Paris by night, a farewell dinner at a cafe, and a view of the Eiffel tower.

Unfortunately my husband had picked up some kind of bug and decided to stay back at the hotel for this last night.

I took eight shakey pictures of the Eiffel tower blinking, but they were all blurred, so I blurred the last one on purpose.

The next morning, October 9th, the members of the group went their separate ways.

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