Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip Report - France 2011 - October 7th: Chalon, Beaune, Paris

After breakfast we left the boat for the last time.  I was sad to leave the boat, but I was excited to finally be heading towards Paris.

Last sight of boat

Mannequin of nun
Our first stop was the famous Hospices of Beaune, set up as a hospital for the poor which was truly luxurious in its day with no more than two patients per bed and nursing care by the nuns. The poor ward was designed not only to care for the body but also the soul. Patients could look up at a ceiling with colorful carvings, and listen to sermons from their beds.

View from courtyard

Row of beds

Part of decorated ceiling

Detail of stained glass
Afterwards we bought sandwiches and pastries in the tourist area to eat later at a truck stop part-way to Paris.

Paris! Our hotel, the Villa Montparnasse, was near the Montparnasse cemetary and Rue Daguerre, a small pedestrian shopping area. After the tiny cabin on the boat it felt spacious!

Our room at the Villa Montparnasse
That evening we had a meal at a cafe next door to the hotel.

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