Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trip Report - Our Big Trip - August 9th (Saturday) - Cologne, Germany

 The ship had arrived at Cologne about 3am and our walking tour started at 8:30am and ended at the Cologne Cathedral with only a few hours left before the ship was due to depart for Amsterdam. We toured the Cathedral, as it was an important monument that had been built over six centuries and was literally a treasure trove of art and religious objects. Then we had a snack at a nearby cafe, and returned to the ship. I could have spent much more time here.

All aboard was 12:15 and the ship sailed at 12:30 for the last long stretch to Amsterdam. There was some excitement in the afternoon when the ship made an unscheduled stop at a small town to pick up one of the crew, Nicolette, who had been left behind to search for two missing passengers. Later, the ship stopped one more time to pick up the passengers themselves.

The cooks outdid themselves with the food preparation for the Captain's Farewell dinner, but it was bittersweet knowing that this was the last full day of the cruise.

Just a bird

Streetview, Cologne

Statue in a small square

Guarding their master's sarcophagus
Carving on an old pew
Stained glass window
"City Breakfast" at Reichart Cafe
Roman mosaic in a museum by the Cathedral

Street musicians - notice the balalaika!

Tünnes and Schäl  - comedic figures

Saturday at City Hall there are multiple weddings

Couple outside City Hall

Dessert at the Captain's Farewell Dinner

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