Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trip Report - Our Big Trip - August 8th - Koblenz

Back on board time was 7:45am at Boppard, and we set sail at 8am to continue our journey through the castle-studded Rhine Valley. The ship had bicycles and walking sticks available to passengers, and some of the passengers chose to bicycle to Koblenz that morning.

Intrepid cyclists getting ready for a long trip. (Taken
through the dining room window.)
Sitting on the top deck, looking at the different castles as we sailed by, made for a very relaxing experience.

Marksburg Castle - looks like a fairy tale

We arrived at Koblenz around 10am. We had the choice of a walking tour or a tour on the aerial tram to visit the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.
The tram car
Inside the fortress
Coming back - below you can see the town of Koblenz and
the two rivers as they meet.
Where the Mosel meets the Rhine

"The Spitting Boy" is a popular statue
in Koblenz

Detail of the "Inventor's Fountain" by Rumpf

We stayed in Koblenz until nightfall, then had to sail away.

Last view of Koblenz

Back at the ship we have the "Debarkation" briefing, about what we should do before we leave the ship in less than two days. Sigh.

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