Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trip Report - Our Big Trip - August 7th - Rudesheim, Castle Vollrads, and Boppard

At the Rudesheim dock a cute mini-train arrived to take us into town. We decided to skip the famous Siegfried Mechanical Instruments Museum and the cable car, walked back down the main street, down the Drosselgasse, and then bought some dark beer to take back to the ship as this was something that was missing on the ship menu. I was surprised to find all the different beers being offered at the Rewe (supermarket chain). They even had "soda and beer" which I was afraid to try.

We also stopped at a Kathe Wolfahrt Christmas shop, and picked up two ornaments as gifts.

After this buses picked us those who wanted to go to the winetasting at Schloss Vollrads. This was very interesting to me, as my husband and I have been to many vineyards in the US and Canada, and while a few of them attempt to have their main building look like a castle, this was a real chateau, with the oldest part dating from the 13th century. I cannot really speak about the wine, as I am not an expert, but the Schloss and the grounds were fascinating.
The mini-train in Rudesheim

After lunch back at the ship, we sailed at 1pm for Boppard and started started seeing more of the dozens of castles along the River Rhine, as well as the Loreley (Lorelei) rock, where legend says temptresses lured sailors to their doom.

At Boppard we took another short walking tour, and wandered arouund some more.  As the ship was scheduled to stay in Boppard overnight, there was not so much pressure to get back to the ship.

A statue in Rudesheim's town square
Bromserberg Castle & Siegfried's
Mechanical Instrument Museum.

Looking from a castle window towards
the 13th Century tower

Cat at Castle Vollrads

An old house illustrating what happens
when you tax a house based on its 
ground-level space.

Castle Katz (Cat) one of dozens of castles along this
stretch of the Rhine. There is also a "Maus" (Mouse)

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