Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trip Report - Our Big Trip - August 18th and 19th - Around London

We had a little time after the convention to do some more sightseeing. One day we went to Tower Bridge and walked around looking at famous landmarks like the Tower of London and St. Paul's.

Another day we went to the Exo Center and took a sky tram across the river.
View of the Exo (Hedgehog) from the Sky Tram

The end of the audio spiel was "Thank you for
flying Emirates!"

Crabbie's Ginger Beer at Nicholson's
On a pedestrian bridge, an artist was adding
designs using chewing gum.
Looking back towards the bridge.
We saw several "book benches" - this was one of my favorites.
Pub lunch

The last meal of mushrooms and black pudding.

Home again. Now that I've finished this trip report I guess the vacation is over. Darn.

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