Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trip Report - Our Big Trip - August 14th to August 17th - WorldCon

I was very glad that we had picked up our registration packets for the World Science Fiction Convention the day before, because this is a photo of the registration line on the first day.

World Science Fiction Conventions" or "WorldCons" are held every year, but because they are run by volunteers, and in a different location each year, the content may vary. Usually there are many panels and events, although sometimes the big thing is just getting together with other fans. Last year's "LonCon" had a final attendance of 7,951, which is more than usual. Many new conventions are starting up each years, and there are complaints that we WorldCon attendees are getting old and stodgy. That's fine with me.

This convention had some great fan exhibits, panels, and demonstrations.  

Ball jointed dolls from Max Chamberlain's collection
A display of childrens' art

A line-up of samples for the Chocolate tasting panel
A snack at one of the many bid parties.

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