Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Sock Full of Noses

I am trying to improve my doll-making skills so I signed up for a class in August taught by the incomparable Mimi Winer. This is equivalent to someone who has just climbed Pleasant Hill in the park saying "Let's do Everest." In watching her videos -- "Mimi's Modular Mermaid" and "Needle Model a Pretty Face"-- I realized I needed to get better skills FAST. She suggests practicing needle-modeling by making "a sock full of noses" but I need to know how to do more than just noses, so I made a quartet of heads.

All were made from a head pattern by JoAnn Pinto I found in Soft Dolls &Animals magazine.  Two were done in cotton and two out of stretch fabric, and I experimented with cutting out the fabric on different grains. Faces were done with acrylics. Hair is "Maxi" doll hair. The blond hair was put on by sticking strands of hair in rows on the head, the brunette's hair was braided, the white hair was rolled into a ball to make it frizzy, and then glued on, and the red head's hair was wefted and then glued on in strips. All will be styled when the glue is dry.

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