Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trip Report - Portland, Oregon - July 8, 2014 - Sky Tram

One of our group had departed and we had one last breakfast at the Pearl Bakery before the other two departed. Harry and I were on our own until our plane left that evening.

We took public transportation to the Sky Tram to the the Marquam Hill campus of Oregon Health and Science University.
At the bottom.

At the top platform

View from the top
Tram descending
At the top of the tram ride you are inside the Oregon Health & Science University where tourists walk through the hallways past clinics.  We walked through some of the buildings to a farmers' market that was being held in the north part of the 113-acre campus. At the farmer's market we had a Columbian sandwich called an arepa followed by oatmeal ice-cream while we listened to a small band.

Arepa, from Columbia, with cornmeal 'crust'. This version had a chicken filling.

 At the bottom of the tram I noticed the large "bicycle valet" parking lot. I guess most of the bikes belonged to OHSU employees.

Part of a large "valet bike lot". Bikes are popular in Portland.

Then, back home. I enjoyed Portland, and I'd like to go back. While I don't think you can judge any city by one visit (or any restaurant by one meal)all in all it was a good experience. I especially love the great public transportation, the good food (mostly), the parks, the people, and the climate. We might even move there. Who knows?

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